OUTDOOR Places to Play

Ballard Park*

N. 66th & Kearney Ave.

PLI net box (4 nets)

Roper Park*

N. 9th & Belmont St.

Peterson Park

4400 Southwood Dr.

10 dedicated courts

Click HERE to check weather conditions

(click on green marker #16--27th & Hwy 2)

Henry Park*

S. 44th & Prescott Ave.

PLI net box (4 nets)

Eden Park*

S. 45th & Antelope Creek Rd.

PLI net box (4 nets)

*City parks with striped courts for pickleball using tennis nets (2) and pickleball using portable nets (4)

Click below:

City parks satellite pickleball schedule

Satellite Court Champion List

Portable Net Care Instructions

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