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Spring Scheduling Updates.

I would like to use this space to keep you up to date on the revisions to the scheduling system. We have heard your feedback, and we are working hard on improvements. Please be assured it is very important to us that you have a system that works well and is easy to use. We appreciate your patience and will keep everyone up to date as we progress.

Joel Houston

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Is there a way to see if we actually are on a wait list,,? Who else is on the play list? What number we are on the wait list? Who's ahead of us on the wait list? What is the name and ranking of those on the playlist?


Lisa White
Lisa White
May 02

Hi Kelley!

This is an enhancement we are working diligently to added to the website as it is the top requested item. We will notify everyone once added


Replying to

Much appreciated.


I’m not finding a list of players for each scheduled game and how each player ranks themselves. Would you please send out a video that shows exactly how to navigate through this app? I apologize if you already sent one! I used a video to get signed up but I’m sure I missed some important info.

Thank you.

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