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From the President's Desk

April is USA Pickleball month.  This final week the theme is “What’s Next?“  What’s next for PLI is alot.  We are in the middle of the busiest time in the club’s history.  We are nearing construction beginnings at Ballard, Eden and Densmore Parks.  We will let you know when we have more specific start times from the contractor.  We are also rolling out our new website and scheduling system Wednesday night.  These projects are coinciding with what is always our busiest time of year with the introduction of the summer season, the end of winter schedules and Give 2 Lincoln Day campaign in May.

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Apr 24

I would like to say, Thank-you to all who are putting so much work into these projects. It is so helpful to be able to go to the committee and everyone else involved, who are putting in so much time and work to get everything in place. They are ready to answer any questions you need help with. Keep up the hard work.👍

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