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Skill Levels Explained

With all the organized play and summer tournaments coming up, several people have come to me and asked "How do I know where I fit in and at what level should I sign up for in a tournament or Round Robin?" I have even had newer players tell me they don't play tournaments because they don't know which division to sign up for. Typically newer players aren't sure where they fall, and that's ok. Drop in or open play is an opportunity to ask other players what level they play at which can help you guage where you are. Many organized play groups specify play levels to participate. This is a great way to connect with others at your skill level so you don't get into a group that is too low or too high for your skill level. It's no fun to get creamed for two hours or have that powerless to stop the other team feeling. It's also not fun to get into a group and waltz through the division (well maybe just one time). For everyone's benefit, I am including a simple chart that will help with that ever present question "What is my skill level?". Lastly, if you are all in for pickleball, you can sign up and get yourself a DUPR rating. We will talk more about that in a future post.

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