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Tournament Time

Summer is a great time to be outside playing. Tournaments are especially fun as they test player skills, create new friendships and rivalries, and build life long memories. Most tournaments include both men and women's divisions in many skill levels. Also my personal favorite, mixed doubles teams a guy with a gal from 2.0 to 5.0 skill levels. PLI tournament directors and volunteers have a blast putting on tournaments, which also bring cheerleaders and spectators for a fun filled one or two day event. Generally medals, fun swag, and food are a part of the day. At PLI we try and mix up formats to help the community enjoy friendly competition. Lots of photos, video footage and live streaming courts, gives those who can't attend a chance to watch, and participants a chance to go back and see how they did. Of course we couldn't pull all this fun off without great sponsors. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at tournaments both local, across the state and even over the boarders to neighboring states. Have a great summer!

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